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Metkam Construction Stucco and wall systems INC. Offers wall solutions to builders, architects, contractors, and owners who love to look of stucco and want a complete package of additional features and benefits tailored to their project.
     Using leading edge technology, extensive construction experience of our people, and the resources of leading construction chemical manufacturers, Metkam Construction has developed a reputation of completing projects using a family of stucco systems designed to ensure that the look of stucco can be applied to any building type or architectural style in every elimate.


Our Mission

    Our mission is to be kind, fair, and protective of each other, our subordinates, our customers, our suppliers, and our company while we aggressively, and with complete honesty, sell and provide the best installations possible. If we are successful in our mission and all that it entails, both individually and corporately, we will have divine blessing, we will be held in high regard in our community, our business will be successful, and we will all prosper.


        EIFS ( " Exterior Insulation and Finish System " ) is an exterior building wall product and is a system of materials. EIFS provides insulation, weatherproofing and a finished surface in a single integrated product. EIFS is applied onto the outside face of exterior building walls, in a series of steps, by professional plasterers, using hand tools.
      We take pride in our reputation for superior workmanship and attention to detail. We provide our clients with high quality workmanship and materials, competitive pricing and reliability on a broad scope of services
      We are a fully licensed, registered and insured general contracting firm. We utilize the highest specifications and work at compliance with all Province and local building codes.Welcome to Metkam Construction 
      Metkam Construction Has over 14 years of professional experience serving the residential, commercial, industrial sectors of the construction industry in southern Ontario and Greater Canada.
      Specializing in designing, restoring and building stucco and Exterior Insulation Finishing System, we offer a highly energy and cost efficient lightweight cladding system with a vast array of finish options to suit any design consideration.
      Our professional experience results innovative, energy and cost wall system that have allowed us to earn our costumers  long standing trust and respect.